Friday, May 28, 2010

The Classics

The morning of the Classics Show dawned rainy and dreary and with little hope of a dry day and successful show. Miraculously, however, despite the omnipresent cloud cover, the rain held off, and the brave souls who brought their absolutely fantastic cars were rewarded with a dry day.

The host clubs, including the Cadillac LaSalle Club, the Spirit Region of the Classic Car Club of America, and the AACA, assembled some 28 vehicles representing some of the finest marques in automotive history, including Cadillac, Packard, and Rolls Royce. They also presented - with the generous support of Schiller's - an outstanding session on automotive photography for the Kids' CARd Club participants, some of whom whipped out serious digital SLR cameras, much to my surprise. They were an enthusiastic, studious, and serious group, and we hope they learned from their session as much as we enjoyed watching them participate in it.

Our thanks to the host clubs for braving the weather and supporting the Museum and, as always, to Ron Anderson for the photographs.

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