Monday, September 28, 2009

Out with the old, in with the...old

It's gallery-changing time. To prepare for our upcoming Pistons and Pumpers exhibit in the Earl C. Lindburg Automobile Center, we've removed nearly every vehicle in the building except the Darin and Turbine cars, the Cadillac in the Coral Court exhibit, and a few of the trucks. And beginning last week, new vehicles (well, not "new" - all so far are nearly fifty years old or older) began to trickle into the building.

The rotation of exhibits and artifacts is vital, but it can also be a lengthy process when each vehicle is transported individually to or from our off-site storage facility, which is a fifteen-minute drive from the Museum on a good day. And few of our vehicles are maintained in operating condition, so we rely heavily upon trucks, trailers, wheel dollies, winches, and old-fashioned muscle.

Thanks again to Ron Anderson for the photographs.

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  1. We should not transport each vehicle as it may get into more costs. If we have exhibit transportation storage facility we can get it all at once.