Monday, August 31, 2009

Laying Carpet and Digging Holes

Excavation for the new visitors' center has become part of the daily routine here at the Museum, but it is no less entertaining and engrossing to watch. We have therefore cleared two areas along the fenceline separating the upper and lower levels to facilitate construction watching, and we're enjoying watching our visitors picnic in the grass at the observation areas as much as they're enjoying watching the excavators, crawlers, and dump trucks.

The carpet for the Missouri Pacific observation car #750 is being dry-laid and cut by the installer. The process is laborious and time-consuming; the large run is cut not only along the sides but also up to and around the base for each parlor chair. The carpet will then be removed, and the seams will be bound with carpet binding. Brass grommets will then be installed just as those in the period carpet that was removed (due to irreparable damage and deterioration); the grommets allowed the railroad to quickly change carpets and to install and stretch carpet without gluing it down.

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